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The internet is a big place, with lots of companies selling printer cartridges. Many people understandably worry when it comes to giving their credit card details to a company they have never heard of before - how do they know they'll get what they pay for and that their details won't be misused?

With perfectprintercartridges.co.uk you need not worry. Perfectprintercartridges.co.uk are part of the AquAid group, which was established in 1992 and now turns over more than £15,000,000 every year, servicing 50,000 water dispensers. During this time AquAid with the help of our customers have donated over £7,000,000 to third world water causes.

Our cartridges are produced at our specialist facility in Peterborough, where our experienced staff quality check each and every cartridge before it is sent out. In the unlikely event that you should be unhappy with the performance of any of our cartridges, our production manager will do his best to help you. We offer a full money back guarantee or immediate replacement should we not be able to resolve your problem immediately.

We value all of our customers and to us the term "customer service" is more than just an easy slogan to put on a website.




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